I had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my commute to work with my husband, which inspired me to create the Kat Box. The hour commute each day was just what I needed to drink coffee, discuss issues, and apply my make-up. I used a bag to store my most frequently used cosmetics but it was limited in the amount that would fit. I was always wishing I had a different shade of lipstick, eye shadow, or blush. That’s when the idea for the Kat Box came to me. I needed a sleek, stylish, but totally functional train case. I began to search for such a case, but quickly discovered there wasn’t one on the market. All the products where small, soft, cumbersome, and not eye appealing. I needed it to be big enough that nothing was left out, sturdy enough that my treasures did not break, sleek enough that it was easy to get in a compact car, and pretty enough, because I shouldn’t look like I’m on a forever trip or going to a construction site. The Kat Box was born!”
“I soon discovered that the Kat Box was perfect at home as well. After I began using my Kat Box at home I found out I loved the extra storage I had in my bathroom. I loved that I no longer had to stand in front of a bathroom mirror with unflattering and insufficient lighting. My box went to every room in the house where I discovered the awesome benefit of natural light. I discovered the convenience of having my mirrors, brushes, foundations, primers, eye lash curlier at my fingertips when I needed it. And no more sorting through the drawer trying to anticipate what I would need one day to the next. I am free to go at a moment’s notice. I just grab my Kat Box and I have my entire beauty collection”

Founder Kathyanna Radcliff is an artist, designer, and creator. She created the Kat Box cosmetic container out of the need for better organization of her personal cosmetics. The Kat Box was developed in the family shop by a process of trial and error, and has proved itself to be sound and durable, withstanding moisture and abuse.

Here at Kat Boxes, our goal is to work with our clients to find a solution that reflects their needs. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. Use the Contact Us to give us your feedback and suggestions about our cosmetic organizers.

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